Collecting Willow Tree’s Faceless Figures

| Figurines | By: Louise Collins

No matter what time of the year it is, you will always find some or other gift-giving occasion just around the corner.  Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, anniversary or wedding, it always means a trip to the shops.  Well, thanks to Willow Tree collectibles, finding the perfect gift is easier than ever! For the Christmas season or indeed any birthday or occasion when you need to buy gifts, there is a online company that can make buying gifts that much easier. For any gender or any age you will find something special, for babies and young children lamaze toy as Jellycat and Beanies.

When it comes to Christmas, an important tip to remember is that you don’t have to wait for winter before doing your shopping.  Shopping throughout the year will help you save money and last minute running around.  In fact, you can get some of the best savings on gifts and ornaments during the weeks that follow Christmas.



Of course, the best part about Willow Tree figurines and ornaments is that, even if you did all your Christmas shopping at the last minute, you still won’t overspend.  The average price for Willow Tree figurines is less than £20 and ornaments average at under £15 each.  In fact, you could go all out and buy the whole Willow Tree crèche (for about £300) and spend less than you would on a Lladro Christmas Bear!

Willow Tree figurines are also lovely wedding gifts. For wedding’s and other occasions you can find the perfect gift to frame a special memory at where you will have many choices in frame colours and sizes. Two popular choices include emma bridgewater kitchenware “Together” and “Promise”.  While the designs are simple, they convey a certain emotion and sentiments.  The figurines have a wonderful way of making you experience the feelings they depict.  The fact that they don’t have any real facial features like smiles or eyes makes it possible for the beholder to personalise it with their own imagination.

These figurines and ornaments are wonderful choices for occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and for baby showers too.  There are plenty of ornaments depicting mother and child enjoying some quality time together as well as a father with his daughter or son.  As you look at the figurines, you can imagine what they are doing and saying to each other.  It may even remind you and your loved one of a particularly special moment you had together. If you are buying a Willow tree figure for a female then why not buy her something else such as Dior perfume or a pair nydj-jeans from Ultimate Gifts for all.

Susan Lordi, the artist behind the Willow Tree creations, is also famous for her angel designs.  These make lovely Christmas gifts and can also be given in times of grief when you wish to convey a message of condolences, love and support.